Welcome to Jacks Beachfront Retreat

A Waterfront Gem Nestled in the Treeline of Commanda Lake

Boasting a rustic luxury, Jacks Beachfront Retreat welcomes friends, family, loved ones, and colleagues to break free from the hustle and bustle of the city. Instead, come and relax in the serenity of our private lodge on Commanda Lake. With 1.5 acres quietly hidden among the trees and shoreline, the only thing that will rival the serenity of your time at Jacks will be your adventure here in Ontario’s premium natural escape.

Explore the Almaguin Highlands With Comfort

A Rustic Home for Families, Friends and Kids

Enjoy your morning coffee with a beautiful sunrise on the lake while you sunbathe on a serene, 200 ft private beach. Then, sink your teeth into the thrilling outdoor adventures popular in the community like snowmobiling or hunting. Soon, you’ll find yourself listening to the peaceful hum of the lake with a fishing pole in hand with memories of the city fading away.

Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, Jacks Beachfront Retreat offers you a secluded natural paradise to wash away the hectic worries of modern life.

Top Amenities

  • Lakefront Cottage
  • 3 Bedrooms + Bunkie + Daybed - Total 9 Beds
  • 200 ft Private Beach Access
  • Panoramic Lakefront Views
  • Indoor & Outdoor Wood Fireplaces
  • 55" Smart HDTV
  • Modern Kitchen Accessories
  • Wi-Fi Available
  • Water Equipment & Toys
  • Pet Friendly

Discover Commanda

With plenty of room for kids to play, you couldn’t ask for a more peaceful solitude than what you’ll find at Jacks Beachfront Retreat. With no highway intersecting the community, vehicle traffic is limited to provincial park visitors, people fishing, and welcoming locals. Spend a few days in the enchanting woods and private beach access on Commanda Lake and you’ll rediscover the importance of peace and quiet. 

But if solace isn’t what you’re seeking, then the adventure here at Jacks Beachfront Retreat will re-energize you. In the winter, you can wander into the wilderness for snowmobiling on the premium D102C trail or hike through Restoule National Park all year long. Enjoy your watercraft on the lakes, swim to your heart’s content, or use one of the provided canoes to explore one of the many nearby watering holes. You’ll find an abundance of fish species in the surrounding lakes, offering you many opportunities for sport and dinner.

Whether you’re seeking peace and quiet or a homebase for outdoor adventures, Jacks Beachfront Retreat lets you explore the beauty of Ontario’s nature at your own pace.

You’ve just stumbled upon the perfect secluded fishing hole here at Jacks Beachfront Retreat. With access to both Commanda and Restoule Lake, you can fish year-round for pike, bass, catfish and more– even through the ice!

Explore Restoule

Too busy outside to find yourself cooking in our complete kitchen? Discover the local cuisine at one of the fantastic local eateries, or check out the general store for your basic needs.

Just off the beaten path, Restoule is a small community that exudes Canadian friendliness and warmth. With a bumbling market of farmers, artisans, and general stores, you’ll have access to the things you forget to pack, as well as stunning souvenirs and scrumptious treats that will make lasting memories. And with access to several surrounding communities including Powassan and natural landmarks like Georgian Bay, you’ll never run short of amenities to explore.

Bucks Lodge & Grill
Mill Bay Market/Ice Cream Bunkie
Gerry's General Store
Restoule Provincial Park
Boards Honey Farm
Mister Minnow's & Post Office
Public Boat Launch
Hawthorne Trail Entrance
Freshwater Spring
Bud the Spud
Stonethrow Pottery
Commanda Lake Boat Launch
Legion & Outdoor Rink
Kid's Park
Restoule Public Boat Launch
Sand Lake Trail Entrance
  • Bucks Lodge and Grill
  • Mill Bay Market/Ice Cream
  • Gerry’s General Store
  • Restoule Provincial Park
  • Boards Honey Farm
  • Mister Minnow Bait Shop
  • Public Boat Launch

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The Luksa Collective makes booking a luxurious retreat vacation fast and simple. With an abundance of vacation rentals for you to choose from, we take pride in offering our retreat for families, friends, and colleagues to enjoy. We share your love of luxury lakefront privacy– so if you’re looking to explore a natural paradise from the comfort of a modern home, Jacks Beachfront Retreat is waiting to be discovered! 

Please read our booking terms and conditions carefully.

Other Luksa Collective Locations

In the summer of 2021, we broke ground on The Luksa Collective.  We designed Jacks Beachfront Retreat so that everyone could share in the beauty of Restoule while enjoying a luxurious lakehouse vacation.

We proudly present The Luksa Collective; our vision of a collection of luxury lakehouse and log cottage rentals on Commanda Lake. With multiple secluded lots each with unique characteristics, you are sure to find the perfect destination for your vacation. Each has its own private access and waterfront for you and your family!

We believe that a luxury experience in the great Canadian wilderness should be accessible to everyone who hears its call and we feel blessed to offer more families the experience of a luxury cottage acreage in an incomparable environment. We know that you’ll love it here as much as we do!

Explore The Luksa Collective on Commanda Lake.

Luksa Lodge


Westleys Lakehouse


Log Cottages



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