Restoule Guide

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Restaurants & Eateries

  1. Bucks Lodge & Grill
  2. Restoule’s own restaurant, right in town! Everything from breakfast to wings.
  3. Bud The Spud
  4. Around the corner a seasonal burger and fry food truck with delicious homemade food.
  5. Roxie's Diner
  6. A long-standing area classic, this Port Loring restaurant is famous for its comfort food.
  7. Jake's Place Restaurant
  8. Another wonderful Port Loring family-owned restaurant.
  9. China Garden
  10. A Powassan restaurant with classic Chinese food.
  11. Wagon Wheel
  12. Another Powassan restaurant with tons of delicious pub food and pizza.

    Markets & Artisans

    1. Gerry's General Store
    2. the local place for everything
    3. Board’s Honey Farm
    4. Sweets and more made from local Restoulian honey.
    5. Stonethrow Pottery
    6. Artisan-crafted pottery.
    7. Mill Bay Market
    8. General goods and fresh food with the best butcher in the north! A little local tip, try the Pizza Sausages and the Texas Hen!
    9. Ice Cream Bunkie
    10. Located in Mill Bay Market, this seasonal dessert shop has your sweet tooth covered.
    11. Maple Roots Farm
    12. Local farm fresh produce, meats, and maple syrup.
    13. Oshell's Valu-mart Powassan
    14. The closest located full grocery store
    15. Copperhead Distillery (Sundridge)
    16. Worth the drive, we highly recommend the “Apple Pie”.

      Provincial Parks & Hiking Trails

      1. Restoule Provincial Park
      2. The very well known Restoule Provincial Park is close by
      3. South Bay Provincial Park
      4. Located on the south side of Nipissing Bay.
      5. Grundy Lake Provincial Park
      6. A little bit of a drive, but it offers excellent beaches with kayak rentals.
      7. Algonquin Provincial Park
      8. The oldest and most famous provincial park in the Canada.
      9. Fire Tower Trail
      10. A highly recommended accessible and beautiful hike near the lodge
      11. Commanda Lookout & Spring Water
      12. Incredible views of the Almaguin Highlands no matter the season. This is also where you can find the local water spring for the freshest, cleanest water you have ever tasted!
      13. Georgian Bay
      14. The Largest freshwater archipelago is within driving distance.
      15. Restoule Trail Map
      16. A helpful map of local ATV trails

        Destinations, Attractions & Recreation

        1. The Legion & Outdoor Rink
        2. The local Restoule community centre that runs events and gatherings, including an ice rink in the winter.
        3. Kids Playground
        4. Make friends with inviting locals at this community playground.
        5. South Shore Snowmobile Club
        6. The local snowmobiling club with information and news.
        7. Sand Lake Road
        8. One of the best ATV trails for experienced riders – a local gem.
        9. Hawthorne Drive
        10. Another great ATV trail! If you know what you are doing, you can take this all the way to Port Loring. It’s also a part of the D102c snowmobile trail in the winter.
        11. Commanda Museum
        12. Get a taste of local history.
        13. Deer Sanctuary
        14. Interact with one of Canada’s largest whitetail deer herds.
        15. Georgian Bay Biosphere
        16. Enjoy family-friendly activities and education.
        17. Scotty’s Lake Tours
        18. Enjoy a pontoon boat tour for 8-10 adults and explore the beautiful lakes of the Almaguin Highlands. Fish, swim, drink and be merry!

          Local Information

          1. Local Events Page
          2. Discover what’s happening in Restoule.
          3. Post Office
          4. For any essentials or emergencies.
          5. Mister Minnow
          6. Local fishing expertise and supplies.
          7. Commanda Lake Fishing
          8. A general fishing guide.
          9. Commanda Lake Boat Launch
          10. Find the public boat launch.
          11. Fresh Water
          12. A freshwater spring near the post office.
          13. Restoule Trail Map
          14. A map of local ATV & Snowmobile trails.