Once you wake up at Jacks Beachfront Retreat, you’ll understand why we are proud stewards of the surrounding ecosystem. Encompassed by thick enchanting woods, crystal clear waters, and an awe-inspiring bounty of wildlife, The Luksa Collective prioritizes sustainability in everything we do. The preservation of this beautiful environment is of the highest importance so that our families can continue to enjoy Restoule’s natural beauty. That’s why wherever possible we use sustainable products, practice green waste management and support the local community. We encourage our guests to do the same!

Please join us in our efforts to protect the magnificent wilderness we share.

Some things you can do when at the lakehouse to help the environment:

Separate and recycle waste and bring it to the dump
Pack smart & don’t litter
Choose sustainable packaging when possible
Leave the outdoors as you found it
Minimize late-night loud music
Practise fire safety
Use natural sunscreen when swimming
Use phosphorus-free and biodegradable soaps
Be a friendly neighbour
Never bring any soap or shampoo in or around the lake (Important)