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Sunset Photography For Your Socials at Jacks

13 July 2023

The properties on The Luksa Collective offer incredible views that will leave you in awe! If you’re seeking some stunning sunset photography to make your Instagram followers green with envy, check out our gallery here for a glimpse of the breathtaking views that grace our cottages almost every evening.

Stunning Sunset Photography at The Luksa Collective

Commanda Lake provides a magical backdrop as the sun sets, casting a mesmerizing glow. Since the stars reflect on the tranquil waters on calm nights, they create a celestial spectacle. Your photograph will capture the sky as if it rests in the lake itself!

Captured from the Westley’s Lakehouse balcony

Let’s not forget about the awe-inspiring sunrises! The morning light dances on the dewy leaves, illuminating the entire valley. With the right camera, you can capture a fairytale-like scene from every angle. Each morning, the epitome of relaxation awaits just steps away from the coffee machine, as you leisurely wake up with a cup of joe in hand. In fact, these simple moments of serene beauty make The Luksa Collective cottages truly magical!

Catch the Next Sunrise— Book Your Cottage Vacation Today

The countryside is full of opportunities for incredible social media photography, or even for a personal photo book. Here, you’ll find an innumerable amount of migrating birds, herds of whitetail deer, flocks of waterfowl and even trophy predators like bears, wolves, and cougars. You’ll even see a number of species of butterflies and other critters worth a snapshot.

Thanks Grandpa Luksa for the amazing shot!

In other words, if you’re searching for a cottage getaway that guarantees breathtaking photography opportunities, look no further than at The Luksa Collective. As a matter of fact, from natural landscapes to captivating wildlife encounters and more, your Instagram feed will shine with the most spectacular photos of the year!